The Finch And The Poppies

There's a huge empty lot in Victoria BC's Chinatown where a building once stood. After the building was taken down, weeds eventually overtook the place, and it remains protected by a big wire fence. One day, while I was walking through Chinatown, I peered through the gaps in … [Read more...]

The Significance of a Dahlia

I used to think dahlias were extremely insignificant flowers until I came across this intensely beautiful variety at the Saanichton Christmas Tree Farm last August. Now as I sit in the warmth of my home on a damp, windy December evening, this extremely significant dahlia … [Read more...]

Stormy Sunrise in Panama

  In the early morning in the rainy season in Panama the sun came up and was streaming through a hole in the clouds, brightly illuminating the water below. What a beautiful image to have in mind to start a day! Photo Details: From: Vivian Pura, All Rights … [Read more...]

Afternoon Smoke

  Sometimes life can get quite hectic. Things to do, places to be, bills to pay, people to please, sometimes the stress of it all can get to be too much. Sometimes we need to just take off a load. A while ago, I had the pleasure of enjoying a lazy afternoon with … [Read more...]

Crushing The Cane

"Cane is piled high and fed by sweating laborers onto a conveyor belt then into a crusher, all powered by the huge water wheel which looms overhead. It is passed through the crusher twice to extract all the juice and then the residue, called bagasse, is hoisted into a rail … [Read more...]

Bright Star

Morning Glory's are hardy beauties. They bloom all year long in this part of the country. I spotted this one glowing on my afternoon walk and it made me smile. It was such a bright star on a difficult day. Photo Details: From: Shannon Grissom, All Rights Reserved Blog … [Read more...]


  When I was a child, every couple of years, we would travel across this amazing country by car. My family had a home in New London, Connecticut and we would spend the summer there on the beach and Ocean Beach Park playing miniature golf or skeeball. If you can imagine … [Read more...]

Emerging Christ

  This crucifix caught my eye since I couldn’t make out if it was emerging from or being covered up by the vines. An enigmatic scene that speaks to Catholicism’s influence on Italian culture. It’s part of the fabric of Italian life. Churches, roadside chapels and … [Read more...]

Hope Is Rising

  I know not what blooms here. All I know is that when I looked up, my spirits soared and that was enough for me. Photo Details: From: Shannon Grissom, All Rights Reserved Blog / Website: Equipment Used: Sony DSC H55 … [Read more...]

Boca della Verita

  Torcello is one of the original ancient settlements in the Venetian lagoon. It means “tower and sky” and from the neighboring island of Burano what one sees of Torcello is it’s bell tower reaching into the sky. This archaeological wall, where samples of remodeled … [Read more...]


  What is it about reflections that take hold of me? Actually, they seem to snatch most of us. Off the rippled surface, I'm amused by what comes to mind… of the possibility it might be a portal into another dimension, of a dream world seen but beyond reach, of diving … [Read more...]


  Communion is defined as, "The sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level." David, a neighbor of ours, has always been able to exchange such thoughts and feelings with just a glance. He'd … [Read more...]

The Market

I love the layers that appear when I look at window reflections. First I see one thing, then another. It was the grass and the shadows of the grass, that drew me in. It was the reflections of the intersection that kept me there awhile. I was entranced. The more I looked, the … [Read more...]

Heart Tree

Tucked away, on the south side of the town of Los Gatos in California, there is a park-and-ride that serves as overflow parking for the town's post office. It’s not a convenient place to park your car to collect your mail but when there isn’t any street parking… well, it’s … [Read more...]

Wash Basin

In the dining area next to the kitchen, a wash basin from 1617 locked in the wall, hints at the possible age of our house. Its obsolescence with indoor plumbing has relegated it to being the telephones residence with tattered address books, note pads and pencils for … [Read more...]

Two Crosses

Along a deserted stretch of beach on Oahu called Mokuleia, there are several memorials. This so one was particularly moving, evidently from a child to his mother, who passed away several years ago. Photo Details: From: drew sager, All Rights Reserved Blog / Website: … [Read more...]

The Necessary May Speak

  We attended a lovely reception recently at Dio Deko in the Hotel Los Gatos. The afternoon was spent leisurely dining with friends and family, enjoying the fabulous talents of Italian tenor Pasquale Esposito. The day felt like an adventure from another time. I … [Read more...]

Festival of Light

  Yet another beautifully colourful festival in India! DWP organized a Diwali program for our community here in Saki Naka. This photo was taken at the end of the evening during our firework show... Photo Details: From: kane ryan, All Rights Reserved Blog / … [Read more...]

Shoot The Moon, Missed Completely

I went out to shoot the moon and none of my shots were as I wished them to be. And as I walked back to my house on a warm fall night, I was reminded of the Norah Jones song, Shoot The Moon. "The summer days are gone too soon You shoot the moon And miss … [Read more...]

A Surprise from a Frog

  I took this shot while visiting the dahlia farm I go to every spring when the dahlias are in bloom (the owner has an amazing variety). IAfter taking a lot of photos, I returned to my car and realized my camera was on the wrong setting. I sheepishly explained to the … [Read more...]