Bedouin Man and Camel

I recently went on a carravan cruise of a region of the Negev desert in the south of Israel with a group of people from all parts of the world. The cruise was guided by a Bedouin Sheik and was arranged by Bustan Permanegev group: a group of wonderful people introducing … [Read more...]

Bedouin Sheik

I recently went on a carravan cruise of a region of the Negev desert in the south of Israel with a group of people from all parts of the world. The cruise was guided by a Bedouin Sheikh and was arranged by Bustan Permanegev group: a group of wonderful people introducing … [Read more...]

A Path of Light

It only made sense, that at the end of such a challenging journey, that warmth and light was there waiting.   Photo Details: From: Craig Scoffone, All Rights Reserved Blog / Website: Equipment Used: Pentax K1000 w/Pentax Zoom Lens … [Read more...]

Angel of Light

Even in the quiet of the cemetery (or perhaps BECAUSE of the quiet of the cemetery) time slows down to a slower pace. The urge to walk slower, sit for a while, take a grave rubbing or two, or make up poems or songs in my head about the people who I discover remembered here, … [Read more...]


    The sustained strategic bombing of Britain and Northern Ireland by Nazi Germany between September 7th 1940 and May 10th 1941 saw the destruction of over one million London homes and the death of more than 40,000 civilians. The Blitz left countless separated … [Read more...]

The Short Route Home

While many people enjoy taking the longer more scenic routes, I bet everybody takes the quickest way to work. I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful country of Ireland where there is no shortage of scenic beauty, but some of the most beautiful things I see are on my … [Read more...]

Roman Bridge

Torcello is one of the original settlements in the Venetian lagoon. With it’s roman influenced architecture and infrastructure it is very different from Venice proper or it’s more famous island neighbors of Murano and Burano. Torcello is mainly farmland; it has a quiet charm … [Read more...]

Dealing With The Rain

The bikers alongside of Cicadas-Jember also known as Jln. A.H. Nasution Boulevard in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia are always facing the flood of unloaded pouring rain due to the lack of drainage systems in certain spot on main road. These circumstances with water reaching … [Read more...]


In downtown Oklahoma City, a memorial was built to remember the 168 people that died in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19th, 1995. I was at work that day, and I still remember when I heard the sound, and the earth tremble, even as far as 10 … [Read more...]

The Barber Shop

I always love the banter that goes on in a barber shop. Every topic under the sun comes in for a good debate. Politics, the economy, world affairs, football, even the weather - they all get chewed up and spat out in series of light-hearted (and occasionally serious) debates … [Read more...]

Pops Restaurant – Route 66

Route 66, which travels through Oklahoma, has been a popular route to take for many decades. It goes through the state from East to West. In Arcadia, OK which is a small community just east of Edmond, OK., a restaurant emerged named Pops. They serve hamburgers, and chicken … [Read more...]

Bricktown, Oklahoma City, OK

I was downtown in Oklahoma City and I stopped and saw this scene. So I got out of my car and snapped this photo. To me it shows how Oklahoma City has come a long way from the early days of Urban Renewal. Oklahoma City is really shinning a light on itself. I feel since I've … [Read more...]

People On The Streets Of London

I took this photograph while exploring the streets of London, discovering homeless and poor people just getting on with their everyday lives. I wanted to highlight how in one of the most vibrant and wealthy cities in the world, some of it's people live out their lives on the … [Read more...]


Travelling with an open mind and a curiosity is an enlightening thing. I have enjoyed my time with photos.lifeasahuman and posting Marco Zecchin's wonderful Italian scenes so thought I would send in a couple of my own. Photo Details: From: Chris Holt, All Rights … [Read more...]

Boca della Verita

  Torcello is one of the original ancient settlements in the Venetian lagoon. It means “tower and sky” and from the neighboring island of Burano what one sees of Torcello is it’s bell tower reaching into the sky. This archaeological wall, where samples of remodeled … [Read more...]

Window Detail, Venice

  I really don’t know why my Father left Italy in the first place. What constraints were so oppressive or hopes so grand that the only solution for him was to move away from all that he was familiar with. Leaving not only the physical landscapes but the emotional one, … [Read more...]

Sunshine on a Stormy Day

The fabulous Beaux Arts Sun Tower, Vancouver, was built in 1912 by same architect that designed the famous Woodward’s building. In 1912 it was the tallest building in Canada until Toronto built a taller one 2 years later. In 1918 Harry Gardiner – the ‘Human Fly’ – scaled the … [Read more...]

Family Kitchen

As a child, the morning gathering place for my family is a large room furnished with a wood stove, small breakfast table that is also a food preparation area and a long dining room table behind me and out of this view. Originally this part of the room was a focolare, an open … [Read more...]

Family Kitchen II

The kitchen of the house is the heart of it. Each meal was a time of laughter and the sharing of stories. The washroom here is off the kitchen and dining area. I remember washing the dishes in this narrow room. From this vantage point I could still hear the stories being … [Read more...]

Villa Varda Voyeur

  The modernization of Villa Varda, in the community of Brugnera, made it not as interesting for me to photograph as the servants quarters that have not been updated. These out buildings are typical of the estates in the area. Simple two story stuccoed rectangles with … [Read more...]