Bedouin Man and Camel

I recently went on a carravan cruise of a region of the Negev desert in the south of Israel with a group of people from all parts of the world. The cruise was guided by a Bedouin Sheik and was arranged by Bustan Permanegev group: a group of wonderful people introducing … [Read more...]

Bedouin Sheik

I recently went on a carravan cruise of a region of the Negev desert in the south of Israel with a group of people from all parts of the world. The cruise was guided by a Bedouin Sheikh and was arranged by Bustan Permanegev group: a group of wonderful people introducing … [Read more...]

Look Beyond Appearances

Every year on my street we're blessed with a pink riot when the cherry blossoms explode into life. It's a magical time of year and represents the welcome transition from winter to spring. Scott owns a tattoo shop in my neighborhood, and is pretty hard to miss when he's out … [Read more...]


    The sustained strategic bombing of Britain and Northern Ireland by Nazi Germany between September 7th 1940 and May 10th 1941 saw the destruction of over one million London homes and the death of more than 40,000 civilians. The Blitz left countless separated … [Read more...]


Interacting with the local street people, many interesting conversations have arisen. Every time I look at this image, I remember the conversation I had with a young street kid. The question she asked me was slightly disturbing, and although it may have been a bit … [Read more...]

The Re-muralist Master

Irwan Bagja Dermawan also known as Iwenk in the Indonesian local contemporary art scene is seen here during his work involving the kids surrounding Balubur-Taman Sari, Bandung-West Java - areas which have a keen interest in his mural art. "Its a lifetime commitment to finish … [Read more...]

Rush Hour Peace

I had just arrived in London and thought I would grab a bit of breakfast in one of our busiest railway stations. As I enjoyed my coffee and danish, I became aware of the constant rush of people that filled the room. I then noticed this man, all quiet and relaxed, using his … [Read more...]

Community Care

This guy was just minding his own business in Traflagar Square, London, not harming or bothering anybody, when two policeman came up to him and started giving him the third degree over what he was doing there. Unfortunately he chose a day to have his lunch when there were … [Read more...]

A Quiet Moment

I walked into the cafe at the National Gallery in London to grab a cup of coffee and as I enjoyed my drink, I looked around and spotted this man engrossed in the novel he was reading. I noticed how wonderful the light was so I took a few shots and this was the result. He … [Read more...]


There have been many studies into how people relate to others. Differences such as social status, ethnic backgrounds, financial position, age, and even facial features, to name a few, can greatly affect how two people interact, even without knowing each other. The more … [Read more...]

Pigeons and People

I found this man sitting on the wall outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London on a cold day in January. The scene immediately stood out to me, and I thought it would make a strong and moving image - the homeless man out in the cold, obviously struggling to … [Read more...]

Centre Of Attention

We humans all like to be the centre of attention sometimes, even if that is not something we are normally comfortable with. Usually in any gathering, somebody becomes the centre of attention, whether that is intentional or accidental, depending on the circumstances. I saw … [Read more...]

The Waves of Womanhood

I took this photo roughly three summers ago when I just began exploring life through the camera lens. This image call tell many different stories; but for me, this photograph tells the story of a girl who has come to terms with living life on her own. At the same time, she … [Read more...]


Despite her appearance, this girl isn't down and out. She seemed to be a student coming back from the Christmas holidays. She looked lonely, and being away from her family, probably feels that way too. Fledging the nest is always difficult, but something we all must do to … [Read more...]

Private Moments, Public Places

We often live out moments which could be considered private in the public arena. I was walking through the city of London when I spotted this couple going their separate ways after travelling into the city together - just a brief glimpse of their closeness before they … [Read more...]

Traveler’s Fallacy

To look forward to something, is to have hope. Traveler's fallacy is the idea that going somewhere or doing something different leads to a better situation. In NYC, the transit system is used predominately to go from home to work, and back. Those train rides you take will … [Read more...]

People On The Streets Of London

I took this photograph while exploring the streets of London, discovering homeless and poor people just getting on with their everyday lives. I wanted to highlight how in one of the most vibrant and wealthy cities in the world, some of it's people live out their lives on the … [Read more...]


  John Kennedy's assassination site at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX. The "X" mark on the road indicates where Kennedy was hit the second time fatally in the head. In the background, the Texas School Book Depository where Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shot from the six … [Read more...]


Bassel Almoughraby finds a simple moment   Saturday morning breakfast at a diner in Houston, TX Photo Details: From: Bassel Almoughraby, All Rights Reserved Blog / Website: Equipment Used: Camera Canon … [Read more...]

Love So Sweet: Declare It!

Don't hide it! Photo Details: From: Elan Morgan, All Rights Reserved Blog / Website: Equipment Used: This photo was taken with the iPhone 4, and then it was desaturated and spot coloured in the ColorSplash app, and then it was run … [Read more...]