By Foot

This is a photo of my aunt and brother taking a walk. We spend a lot of time wandering around the country side; I guess its just part of our nature. Personally, walking makes me feel peaceful, especially when overlooking the countryside, which is very beautiful. Sometimes, … [Read more...]

A Quite Moment

I'm not sure if it's because he had nothing better to do with his time, or because with age, this man had come to appreciate the simple things in life, but I was pleased to see at lease one person take some time out of their day to just sit down and enjoy life. Even though … [Read more...]

The Guitarist

It's cliche to acknowledge this, but music is an expression that truly does connect us. A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting Mexico for the first time and took the chance to explore the infamous markets near-by the resort I was staying at. As our browsing was drawing to a … [Read more...]


An interesting thought that was brought up during this scene, one which we asked a few of the spectators, was how would you have looked at this man differently, if he had suffered from a heart attack? Empathy and concern would probably be an appropriate response. But when … [Read more...]


This is perhaps the sort of thing you might do for an elderly relative. My mother suffers from Alzheimer's, but this particular note was put up by my wife for my benefit. It still doesn't stop me from sometimes forgetting to turn the iron off. Taken with a Rolleicord Va on … [Read more...]

Traveler’s Fallacy

To look forward to something, is to have hope. Traveler's fallacy is the idea that going somewhere or doing something different leads to a better situation. In NYC, the transit system is used predominately to go from home to work, and back. Those train rides you take will … [Read more...]

Emerging Christ

  This crucifix caught my eye since I couldn’t make out if it was emerging from or being covered up by the vines. An enigmatic scene that speaks to Catholicism’s influence on Italian culture. It’s part of the fabric of Italian life. Churches, roadside chapels and … [Read more...]


  What is it about reflections that take hold of me? Actually, they seem to snatch most of us. Off the rippled surface, I'm amused by what comes to mind… of the possibility it might be a portal into another dimension, of a dream world seen but beyond reach, of diving … [Read more...]

Guardian Angel Makes A Stand

  I've lately become intensely aware of the number of teenagers that have committed suicide in the Comox Valley in the past few months - and not just the Comox Valley - it is happening everywhere. Bullying is happening right under our noses and the bullies are getting … [Read more...]

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The revolution will be no re-run brothers; The revolution will be live. (Shot during "Occupy Houston" protest on Energy Day) Photo Details: From: Bassel Almoughraby, All Rights Reserved Blog / Website: Equipment Used: Camera … [Read more...]


The Occupy movement is spreading around the world. Houston is just getting started. On October 15, hundreds gathered around Hermann Square Park in front of city hall in downtown Houston in an act of silent protest aimed at the city-sponsored Energy Day 2011 event. I took … [Read more...]

Chess Master

  “The chessboard is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the Universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature and the player on the other side is hidden from us” ~ Thomas Huxley Photo Details: From: Bassel Almoughraby, All Rights … [Read more...]