The Finch And The Poppies

The Finch And The Poppies

There’s a huge empty lot in Victoria BC’s Chinatown where a building once stood. After the building was taken down, weeds eventually overtook the place, and it remains protected by a big wire fence. One day, while I was walking through Chinatown, I peered through the gaps in the fence, and to my amazement the seasons had transformed the weed-filled lot into a field full of wild red poppies. I quickly grabbed my camera to take some photos, and just as I was ready to shoot, a colorful little house finch appeared. At the time I was attempting to entice, without luck, vibrant orange house finches to my bird feeder. This photo reminds me of a magical moment in time and I give thanks to the person that was inspired to scatter a handful of wildflower seeds in a place otherwise neglected.


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From: Heather Hess, All Rights Reserved

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Equipment Used: Canon Rebel

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