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Interacting with the local street people, many interesting conversations have arisen. Every time I look at this image, I remember the conversation I had with a young street kid. The question she asked me was slightly disturbing, and although it may have been a bit insensitive, she did touch on some important issues.

“How do you treat a human who has no human qualities left?”

This photo was taking on the streets of Vancouver of a women who was having a drug related breakdown. The situation resulted in her being restrained and taken away by an ambulance. Tied down like an animal, she continued to mindlessly scream curses at the people who were only trying to help her.

Obviously we should have compassion in these situations, but more than anything, it makes me wonder what conditions brought her to this point. Why did things get so bad? Was there anyone there to support her, and what are we doing as a society to combat these issues before they occur?


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Equipment Used: Nikon D700 w/ 70-200mm @F3.5

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Our Photo Site Editor, Will Winter is a passionate documentary photographer/photojournalist based in Victoria, BC.


Deciding to put his talents to a better use, Will has dedicated his life to using photography to create a positive impact on this world. It is Will’s hope that his photos will help to open people’s eyes, not only to the problems, but also the triumphs of this world.


As both an artist and a photojournalist, it is Will’s goal to create images that are both aesthetically and emotionally moving, with the hopes of compelling not sympathy, but action.


As the Photo Site Editor, it is Will's goal to further explore and create dialogue about "Life As A Human".


He is also pursuing work locally with non-profit groups as well as overseas within the NGO community. If you are aware of any opportunities, please get in touch with him here.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, and obviously caring. It is very thought provoking and one really has to ask these questions. It’s bad when millions are squandered on merging government departs and nothing is done to help homeless people…

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