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Every year on my street we’re blessed with a pink riot when the cherry blossoms explode into life. It’s a magical time of year and represents the welcome transition from winter to spring.

Scott owns a tattoo shop in my neighborhood, and is pretty hard to miss when he’s out walking his dogs. I approached him under the pretense of doing a blog article about his shop, but really I wanted to make this image.

When I posted the image on Facebook, somebody referred to him as a ‘bad-ass’. Understandable based on appearances. But I knew that Scott was approachable because anytime he passed by he would smile and say hello. It was only after I spent some time with him that I realized what a gentleman he is and what a huge heart he has.

I was gobsmacked when Scott recounted to me (for no self-aggrandizing reasons) the story of how he rescued two orphans children from a war-torn Haiti back in the 90s.

I guess I was trying to be clever by juxtaposing a ‘tough guy’ and his comically contrasting dogs with the pink cherry blossoms. Little did I know that I was reflecting a duality that genuinely existed, this tough guy with a huge heart.

Photo Details:

From: Justin Morrison, All Rights Reserved

Blog / Website: http://www.junaphotography.com

Equipment Used: Canon 5D
Canon 50mm 1.4 lens
Canon 580ExII
2 Pocket wizards


  1. That’s a great pic and great narrative…could make an interesting series.

  2. The cherry trees are definitely one of my favorite things about Victoria. It’s true – under every cloudy sky there’s a silver lining.

  3. I’ve actually decided to turn this photo into a series called ‘Tough Guys and Cherry Blossoms’. This year’s photos are almost complete. Looking forward to getting them out there!

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