The sustained strategic bombing of Britain and Northern Ireland by Nazi Germany between September 7th 1940 and May 10th 1941 saw the destruction of over one million London homes and the death of more than 40,000 civilians. The Blitz left countless separated from their families. These air raids continued until the end of the war in 1945. Like this little boy, many were abandoned in the chaos. I hope he was found …

In her article, ‘Take Cover! Take Cover!’, Mary Piggott (now 82) recounts a true story of that time. She details the most terrifying 24 hours of her life – separated from her family, trapped in a collapsing bomb shelter and wondering if death would be a welcome release from the pain and fear.

These are important stories. I believe that through them, we can find some balance in our lives and come to realize that for most of us, our problems are trivial in comparison.

Hopefully, by understanding the cost of our mistakes, we can learn never to repeat them again.


Photo Details:

From: Gil Namur (article) Toni Frissell (photograph)

Blog / Website: http://lifeasahuman.com

Equipment Used: Unknown

photograph wikimedia creative commons by Toni Frissell


  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Gil – and yes it helps to find ways to bring balance into our everyday lives – we all have our stories – some a little more intense than others!

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