An interesting thought that was brought up during this scene, one which we asked a few of the spectators, was how would you have looked at this man differently, if he had suffered from a heart attack? Empathy and concern would probably be an appropriate response. But when asked about his situation, having overdosed, one man went as far as to say that he deserved this, being a drug addict.

How often do we let our judgement get in the way of our compassion. If I’m to assume that compassion is a valuable response in life, should we not give it freely, and regardless of circumstance?

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  1. Yes Will…we should not only give it but be it, regardless of the karma someone else is dealing with. Compassion is not judgemental.

  2. avatar Madelaine Pearson says:

    Yes, compassion should always be a part of our lives. Have you ever noticed that when you have a judgemental day and compassion eludes you for whatever reason, something happens to humble you and make you realize your misstep? That onlooker’s comment makes me cringe.

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