Family Kitchen II

Family Kitchen II

The kitchen of the house is the heart of it. Each meal was a time of laughter and the sharing of stories. The washroom here is off the kitchen and dining area. I remember washing the dishes in this narrow room. From this vantage point I could still hear the stories being told and though the adults thought we were out of hearing range – well we weren’t.

It was usually after the meals that my families’ exploits were relived over a glass of grappa or limoncello. My Father was a very good raconteur. His climbing and cycling adventures set in the towns of Spilimbergo, Frisanco, Barcis, Conegliano, Chimolais, Longarone, Cortina D’Ampezzo, Treviso and always Venezia. Repeated often, became a focal point of my teenage rebellion. Rolling my eyes I tried to avoid hearing the same story over and over again by either ignoring my father or leaving the room altogether. But told often enough in those pre-teen years, they are lovingly locked in my memories of him.

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Equipment Used: Wista 4×5 field camera with Tri-x processed in Pyro


  1. Marco, Wonderful image and story. It is funny how places become such a big part of our life. Thanks!

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